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Lactation Support

Lactation Support

Since the beginning mothers have nursed their babies. It is completely natural to nurse, but that doesn't mean it is always easy.


In our pasts, we use to have a wise mother figure to help new mothers establish nursing - they were often midwives. Additionally, nursing was part of the female culture. Little girls grew up seeing their mother, aunts and other women nursing babies. By the time women were having their own babies they actually knew a lot about breastfeeding.  

Today, we are in the second/third generation of women who either did not nurse their babies at all or only nursed for a very short time. Starting in the 70's through today many women have been discouraged from breastfeeding and encouraged to feed their babies formula. The problem with this is that the new mothers of today who want to nurse do not have a mother figure in their lives helping them to breastfeed their babies. And, many women have never seen a woman breastfeed, have never held a newborn, and have no idea how breastfeeding works.

It is important to establish good breastfeeding habits at the very beginning. It is not ideal to "correct bad habits" later when there are problems like cracked nipples, engorgement, mastitis... All of these [common] issues come from poor information or bad habits from the beginning of nursing. 

Breastfeeding support:  
  • Private breastfeeding class during pregnancy (1.5 hours)                                 $45                   

  • Lactation support visits in your home at anytime after birth (1-1.5 hours)    $45

Newborn breastfeeding
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