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Postpartum Care

The postpartum period is a critical time to all new parents. It is the time frame where parents are learning to care for their newborn, adapting to a new "normal" and when mothers' are healing from the greatest physical transition of their lives. Postpartum time is one of the hall marks of good midwifery care (because we do it differently). 


Everyone deserves to have a midwife come to their home and care for them postpartum. Especially if you do not have a home birth. People who deliver in the hospital need postpartum care even more. Not only will you come home exhausted (because it is difficult to sleep at the hospital) but you will more than likely be confused on what to do with your baby. During your 24-48 hour stay at the hospital you will see several different people in the hospital. All of them having an opinion on the "right way" to nurse, to care for your baby, to swaddle, and to parent. (All of them could be right. Because there is no one way to do anything!) So that still leaves you confused, exhausted and trying to remember the advice that seemed to work that first day. In addition to caring for your new sweet baby around the clock, you are expected to attend different visits at the pediatrician and the lactation consultant in the first few days. I have realized many mothers do not get very good instructions on self care when they are in the hospital. They are either so tired when a nurse quickly tells them what to expect or they are not talked to at all and are given a pamphlet that they seldom read. 

In my opinion, and in the minds of most midwives, postpartum should be a time of rest. It should be a time where the mother and baby are together, nurse together, sleep together, and everyone else comes to care for them. It is not a time that mothers should be rushed, or encouraged to leave their homes to go to appointment after appointment or be asked to let anyone else hold their babies.  

Because I want you to avoid the hustle and bustle and really feel well nourished with knowledge and care, I provide home visits to the mother and baby. I come to you to help get breastfeeding off to a great start, to show you how to care for your newborn, answer questions, reassure you, check on your physical, emotional, and mental well being. I will do a well visits for your newborn. I make sure everything is staying within "normal" ranges for both of you. 

I am licensed to care for mothers and newborns for the first weeks after birth as a midwife. I am not a doula and I am not a doctor. I provide medical care within my scope of midwifery and I provide lots of information and practical tips. I can provide midwifery care to healthy mothers and healthy babies. Since I have attended to hundreds of mothers and babies postpartum for the last sixteen years I have a lot of experience. 

Postpartum Package   $400

  • 1-2 prenatal appointment (includes a mini breastfeeding class session) 

  • 3-4 home postpartum visits

  • Texts and phone calls during the 5 weeks postpartum

  • All visits last about 1.5 hours, with a total of 6 appointments

(I do charge a small travel fee if your home is more than 40 minutes from my home office.) 

   I would love to discuss how I can serve you and your family during your postpartum. I am willing to make custom packages that suit your family. Please contact me so we can plan for your best postpartum.  

Newborn, sibling and mothe resting at home postpartum
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