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I'm Emily 

I am a homebirth midwife in Lebanon, Oregon

I have been attending births since 2006. I started as a doula for friends and family in the hospital. I also volunteered through a First-Visitor program to help support and teach teenage mothers how to care for and breastfeed their newborns after leaving the hospital. 

In 2009, I experienced midwifery care first hand with the birth of my third son. It changed my life and my expectations about maternity care. I fell in love with the midwives model of care and homebirths. In 2010, I started an apprenticeship with a busy homebirth midwife in Colorado. Just over a year later I moved to Oregon and had the opportunity to continue and finish my training at a wonderful birth center. I feel fortunate to have learned from and worked with ten amazing licensed midwives so far. 


I've been certified and licensed since 2015. 

Since earning my midwifery license,  I have attended many conferences and trainings

both in person and online to continue adding to my training and education in varying areas pertaining to midwifery.   


I also earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology from The University of Colorado in Colorado Springs in 2010

  I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend, Matt. We have five sons and two daughters with a wide range of ages.

We live on a mini farm where we have dairy cows, lots of calves, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, and one silly dog. 


Some of my other hobbies are gardening, cooking, canning, making cheese, sewing, reading, learning, fermenting foods,

drinking coffee and caring for my large family.


Emily holding a newborn at a postpartum visit
Emily White with her family.

The greatest blessing is to be a mother.

The second is to be a midwife. 

Norwegian Proverb

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