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Placenta Encapsulation 

The process of dehydrating, grinding, and encapsulating the placenta to consume as a supplement. It has many antidotal benefits that help a mother during postpartum.   

Typical Benefits

    •    More abundant milk supply

    •    Reduced depression

    •    Faster healing

    •    Reduced lochia (postpartum bleeding)

    •    More energy

    •    Hormone balancing

    •    Reduce anemia

Placenta Medicine 

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Processing Options:

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) - starts by steaming the placenta. In the Chinese culture they believe new mothers need to ingest only "warm" substances. Steaming the placenta provides the "warmth" making it suitable for a new mother. Steaming can also be looked at as pasteurizing, which kills bacteria that the placenta may have been exposed to during birth. Steaming makes the placenta less potent, which is ideal for mothers who have dealt with anxiety during pregnancy or who have a history of breast milk oversupply. This method is best for mothers who are GBS positive. 


Raw Method - follows the raw food diet and does not include heating the placenta above 118 degrees in any phase. The raw food diet believes that heat degrades proteins and destroys enzymes. The Raw Method for placenta encapsulation is an excellent choice if you want your placenta medicine to be more potent. However, using this method the placenta needs to be started within 24 hours and preferably within 12 hours after birth. If you are planning a hospital birth it is sometimes difficult to have your placenta released to you this quickly after birth.  


The placenta is steamed, sliced into thin pieces and dehydrated. It is then ground into a fine powder and encapsulated.



I offer this service at an affordable price so that more people

can have access to placenta medicine. 



    •    Encapsulation 

    •    Umbilical Keepsake

    •    Placenta Print (optional)

    •    Added Herbs (optional) 

Other Services

    •    Placenta Tincture

    •    Placenta Prints with paint (no encapsulation with this option)

Dehydrated placenta in the process of encapsulating.


Thank you SO much for doing the placenta encapsulation for me!! I was unsure about having it done at first, and now I am so thankful that I did!! It really helped me emotionally. I didn't feel like I had any mood swings, like I did with my second child, and my husband can testify to that! I loved that you added extra herbs. I think it really helped with my milk production. I love that I can use them later in life for menopause too!! Thank you for educating me!"

Kristina M.

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