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Heritage Homebirth Midwifery

Individualized Woman Centered Care

Midwifery care

is part of 

every woman's


It is one of the 


and most 

beneficial professions dedicated to the wellbeing of women.


I'm Emily. I'm a homebirth midwife in the Mid Willamette Valley in Oregon. 

My passion is helping one family at a time feel confident in their health decisions and empowered by their experience giving birth and caring for their newborn. I feel the transition from woman-to-mother should be empowering and fulfilling. It is a transition that requires support, encouragement, information and protections from unnecessary interventions. Women need to be the primary decision makers for themselves and their babies. During labor and birth each mother needs to be where she feels safest and around the people who support her and her decisions.


My Philosophy of care is to meet each woman where she is in life and to walk side-by-side as a guide through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I hope to give suggestions, options and information that are both practical and beneficial. 


Home Birth

Complete midwifery care for a planned homebirth. 

Postpartum Care

Midwifery care only for the postpartum time period. Enjoy home visits for check up on both mother and baby. 


Get more information about what midwifery care is and current research that supports it. 



"Emily is a wonderful midwife with an amazing amount of knowledge on pregnancy and birth. She goes above and beyond for her clients and provides phenomenal service. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking the personalized care of a home birth midwife."

Amanda M


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